Magyar Alkalmazott Nyelvészek és Nyelvtanárok Egyesülete

Hungarian Association of Applied Linguists and Language Teachers (HAALLT)


The Association is to motivate and support the cultivation, teaching and research in all branches of applied linguistics; including Hungarian language teaching either Hungarian is taught as mother tongue or as a foreign language. The Association promotes research work on language usage, language teaching and learning, aids the language teaching activity itself with a view to the teachers’ graduate and post-graduate training. The association wishes to represent and act in the interest of Hungarian applied linguistics, language teaching and teachers both in and outside Hungary. The Association intends to increase awareness throughout the Hungarian society of the importance of language learning and teaching. It will use its entire means to widely publish and spread information, documents, periodicals and proceedings on language learning.


The Hungarian Association of Applied Linguists and Language Teachers (HAALLT) was established in its present form in 1990 as the successor of the National Foreign Language Board operating within the Scientific Educational Council maintaining its earlier membership in the Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de Langues Vivantes (FIPLV). The 17th FIPLV World Congress in 1991 was held in Hungary, in the city of Pécs. The formation of the Association was initiated by György Szépe being the Secretary-General of FIPLV at the time.


Any linguist or teacher will be accepted as a regular member of the association who adopts the goals of the Association and expresses his wish to effect them. Foreign citizens will also be accepted as regular members under the same condition. Applicants should fill in the membership form available on the home page of the Association (

All members of the Association are entitled and obliged to participate in the work of the General Assembly. The members with right to vote can propose candidates for the members of the Board.

All members are free to participate in the programs organized by the Association, to integrate – in accordance with the conditions set by the Association – into the research and educational work of the Association, to receive the documents and periodicals of the Association in order to be informed of the latest scientific results.

Members of the Hungarian Association of Applied Linguists and Language Teachers are in parallel the members of FIPLV (Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de Langues Vivantes).


Membership fee is first due at the time of admission, then annually possibly before 15 February. Consequently, the member is allowed to participate in the annual Conference of the Hungarian Association of Applied Linguists and Language Teachers at a reduced registration fee. The membership fee is possible to be paid after 15 February as well. The annual fee is 5000 HUF (20 EUR).

Membership fee from abroad should be transferred to the following bank account:

IBAN: HU79 1165 4005  0464 0300 5400 0006
BIC: 034061
Postal cheques are made available at the Secretariat. Receipt of the paid membership fee will be issued after the fee has been received. In case of institutional payment the Secretariat will provide an invoice. The contact person of the Secretariat of Hungarian Association of Applied Linguists and Language Teachers is Katalin HUBAY, E-mail:


Since 2003 the Association has been operating an electronic data system of its members and uses an e-mail system to accelerate the exchange of information.

The home page of the Association (  ) provides updated public information targeting both the researchers and the teachers. The programs of the Association attract wide professional interest, information on these events and documents of the outcome are circulated not only among the participants but are made available on the web page as well.

The Hungarian language periodical of the Association is Modern Nyelvoktatás (Modern Language Teaching) also available at The periodical is published each year quarterly. It contains accounts and reports on the latest achievements of research done in the fields of applied linguistics and language learning and teaching methodologies. It also advertises briefing of actions carried out to safeguard the interest of applied linguists and teachers. It serves as the mouthpiece of the mission of the Association to spread the importance of language learning.

The Association biannually organizes the Hungarian Applied Linguists’ Congress, each year at a different location. The Congress is attended by 300 to 400 participants on the average; the members of the Association can participate at a reduced registration fee. In a broad sense of applied linguistics the following fields represent individual sessions at the congress: foreign language teaching, language policy, translation theories, applied psycho linguistics, applied social linguistics, intercultural communication, language pedagogy, teaching and research of terminology, Hungarian language (mother tongue and foreign language) teaching and research, computer linguistics.

The lectures of the Congress are published in a Conference Proceedings eventually accompanied by a CD. The Proceedings are available for the time of the following Congress; they can be collected or purchased at the venue of the Conference. Proceedings of earlier congresses are possible to be obtained from the Secretariat.

The Association regularly exchanges information with the bodies working within the Linguistics and Literature Department of the Hungarian Academy of Science, with the Hungarian Societies of English, French and German language teachers and  maintains its good connections with the Scientific Educational Council. The Association closely cooperates with the higher educational institutions who promote as co-organizers the annual HAALLT’s Congress.


I. Nyíregyháza, Bessenyei György Teachers’ Training College (1991);
II. Szeged, József Attila University (1992);
III. Miskolc, University of Miskolc (1993);
IV. Budapest, Budapest Technical University (1994);
V. Veszprém, University of Veszprém (1995);
VI. Nyíregyháza, Bessenyei György Teachers’ Training College (1996);
VII. Budapest, College of Foreign Trade (1997);
VIII. Szombathely, Berzsenyi Dániel Teachers’ Training College (1998);
IX. Veszprém, University of Veszprém (1999);
X. Székesfehérvár, Kodolányi János College (2000);
XI. Pécs, Janus Pannonius University, (2001);
XII. Szeged, University of Szeged (2002);
XIII. Győr, Széchenyi István University (2003);
XIV. Nyíregyháza, College of Nyíregyháza (2004);
XV. Miskolc, University of Miskolc (2005);
XVI. Gödöllő, Szent István University (2006);
XVII. Siófok, Kodolányi János College (2007);
XVIII. Budapest, Balassi Institute (2008);
XIX. Eger, Eszterházi Károly College (2009).
XX. Debrecen, Debrecen University (2010)
XXI. Szombathely, Savaria University Centre (2011)
XXII. Szeged, Szeged University (2012)
XXIII. Budapest, Eötvös University (2013)
XXIV. Cluj (Romania), Babaes-Bolyai University (2014)
XXV. Budapest, Pázmány Péter Catholic University (2015)
XXVI. Pécs, Pécs University (2017)
XXVII. Budapest, Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church (2019)


Since 1999 HAALLT each year has been decorating an outstanding expert with Brassai Sámeul award in recognition of his or her achievement in the field of applied linguistics.

The awarded person receives a certificate and a silver medal (which is of 70 mm in diameter and 6 mm thick). On the medal the portrait of Sámel Brassai is engraved with the dates of his birth and death as designed by László Lugossy, sculptor. The medal is made by Róbert Halmágyi, goldsmith. The person to be awarded is chosen by the Board of the Association voting by ballot from among the candidates nominated by three previously awarded persons. The first person who received the award was Ferenc Papp in 1999. The list of the awarded persons is as follows: György Szépe (2000); Gábor Székely (2001); Kinga Klaudy (2002);  Zsolt Lengyel (2003); Mária Gósy (2004); Gábor Prószéky (2005); Judit Hidasi (2006); Pál Heltai (2007); Jenő Bárdos (2008); István Bakonyi (2009); Erzsébet Cs. Jónás (2010); Zoltán Sturcz (2011); András Szőllősy-Sebestyén (2012); Ágota Fóris (2013); Szergej Tóth (2014); Ádám Kis (2015); Péter Medgyes (2017); Csilla Sárdi (2017); Júlia Dróth (2019). 


On the resolution of the Board of HAALLT adopted in 2004, the Board admits honorary members from 2004. According to the statues, any person who has efficiently contributed to realize the Association’s goals can be admitted as an honorary member. The list of honorary members is as follows: Aladár Szende (2004); György Hell (2005); Tamás Magay (2006); József Hegedűs (2007); László Dezső (2008); László Buday (2009); János S. Petőfi (2010); János Péntek (2011); István Fodor (2012); László Elekfi (2013); Sarolta Simig-Fenyő (2014);  Éva Stephanides 2015); György Horlai (2016); Gábor Székely (2017); Erzsébet Cs.Jónás (2018);  Istvánné Borgulya (2019).


The FIPLV (Fédération Internationale des Professeurs des Langues Vivantes/International Federation of Language Teacher Associations)  International Award is FIPLV’s highest distinction – in addition to the title of Honorary FIPLV Counsellor, which is reserved for (former) members of the FIPLV Executive – and can be awarded to FIPLV members who distinguish or have distinguished themselves by being exceptionally active, innovative, valuable, talented, in one or more fields of language learning and language teaching. The FIPLV International Award consists of a Certificate of Honour and publication on the FIPLV website ( of the candidate’s citation with a picture and congratulations by the FIPLV Executive Committee. Recipients of the award: György Szépe (2007); András Szőllősy-Sebestyén (2017).